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Meet Sharmeen Arain and Rax Huq – the creative spirit and business nous behind Aleeyas.

A real life couple, Sharmeen and Rax were inspired to create their unique, versatile and exquisite sandals while on a six month honeymoon traveling through exotic locations like Morocco, Turkey and Spain on their way to the glitz and glamour of London, New York and Las Vegas.

Little did they know this ultimate road trip would spark such a simply elegant idea – what if you could carry just one pair of shoes in your suitcase to suit every occasion?

And so a legendary shoe design was born.

“I completely love my shoes, but I needed to downscale the number of pairs I was carrying in my suitcase fast,” explains Sharmeen. “And yet I thought there must be a way to modify one pair of shoes to match different fashion needs.”

When they returned home to Sydney, the couple immediately began developing a solution to Sharmeen’s dilemma.

Together they lovingly created a handcrafted leather prototype sandal with a selection of stunning jewelled uppers that could be easily changed to complement any wardrobe or fashion style.

Friends started commenting on Sharmeen’s sandals. Family began asking for their own versions and strangers stopped her on the street to enquire where they could get a pair.

That’s when Rax’s business acumen kicked in. Could they actually develop a range of sandals that would take the fashion world by storm?

Aleeyas is the end result of this labour of love. More than just the perfect summer sandal, your pair of Aleeyas is the pure expression of a simpler, more elegant lifestyle wrapped in one very nicely packaged gift set.

Make Aleeyas your new wardrobe staple. To see how easy it is to get started, take a look at the step-by-step guide to owning your own Aleeyas on our How It Works page.