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Your luxurious pair of Aleeyas comes with two jewelled uppers - simply switch your style whenever the mood takes you.


Swap your jewels in just a few simple steps for a completely effortless new look.


Keep your extra jewelled uppers in your handbag using our custom pouch and change your style in an instant!

Desire Set

Craving elegance? This lavishly handcrafted leather sandal comes with two stunning jewelled uppers to take you from day to night. Choose a T-bar design with two gorgeous bronze flowers that add glitter to your feet or, for maximum impact, switch to your silver crystal encrusted upper with four purple Swarovski crystals.

Glamour Set

If you favour bold, dramatic style, our Glamour set is the perfect choice. Take the night by storm with shiny graphite glass stone uppers that are as mysterious as you are. Or light up your day with a silver and gold circular crystal upper set in a modern, sophisticated T-Bar design. Simply gorgeous!

Romance Set

Romance never dies, and this set of sumptuous leather sandals add a touch of the retro exotic into the bargain. Shine on vintage style with silver round jewels cast sweetly in a row and encrusted with smaller crystals. Or wow the crowd with an intricate woven Aztec design featuring flashing silver crystals and beads on a stylish T-Bar.